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About Sea Otters

A Sea Otter is one of the most fascinating animals to observe. Highly intelligent, it is a playful creature that is often active. Brought back from the brink of extinction 25 years ago, their numbers have recovered dramatically. It is a sight worth a trip just to see the Sea Otters up close.

Where to See Sea Otters

Fortunately, there is a place (Moss Landing) where you are guaranteed to see Sea Others! It is an incredible place. See details below:

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Sea Otter

Moss Landing, California

Moss Landing, between San Francisco and Monterey California, is the single best location to see Sea Otters. I strongly recommend taking a Marine Safari, where they take you from Moss Landing all the way through Elkhorn Slough -- an area chock full of marine creatures and birds -- but you can generally see the Sea Otters yourself simply by wondering around the small harbor. -- William S. Howard

The sea otters of Moss Landing are marvelous creatures. Seemingly posing all day for photographers in a little bay, I even had one of them coming to shore for me. In the light of the setting sun, he seemingly wanted to afford me a unique photograph. Maybe he was curious at this strange creature with this clicking device observing him. I have seen otters in Monterey and Pacific Grove, but never as close as I have at Moss Landing, making Moss Landing one of the best places for otter photography.

There are many places in California that you can spot Sea Otters in the wild, including Fishermans Wharf, Pacific Grove, and Point Lobos. But the single best place see these guys up close and personal is a well kept secret here in Monterey at Moss Landing. There are 2 different locations that I have had great luck watching sea otters from in Moss Landing. One is at the Moss Landing Harbor and the other is right across from the Moss Landing State Beach. They are just a couple of minutes away from each other:

To get to Moss Landing, drive north from Monterey on Highway 1 for 20-25 minutes, and Turn Left onto Moss Landing Road.

Other California Locations

Other locations in California include Fisherman's Wharf, Pacific Grove, and Point Lobos.


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Marine Safari at Moss Landing