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About Manta Rays

When feeding, the Mantas use their oversized pectoral fins or “wings” to move through the water. The cephalic fins or “horns” direct the flow into its wide mouth and water passes through the gills with fine hair like projections filtering out tiny planktons and other microscopic food. Remaining motionless on the ocean floor is the best approach for scuba divers to prolong "show time" with the Mantas, while the snorklers observe the show from the top of the water..

Where to See Manta Rays

The best place to see Manta Rays is in Kona, Hawaii, in the Night Dive (for Snorklers and Scuba divers alike). See details below:

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Manta Ray in Kona, Hawaii


One of the premier dives in the world is the famous Kona Manta Ray Night Dive. It is an awesome experience. Each year thousands of divers and snorkelers from all over the world come to Kona to dive with the manta rays. The Kona Coast is one of the best places in the world to get close to and observe manta rays. The best way to interact with these majestic creatures is to dive (Scuba or Snorkel) with them! Their huge 12-foot wingspans and agile movements are truly memorizing. With no teeth, they are quite harmless. Manta rays feast on tiny plankton as they swoop down through the water.

I did this. Most amazing thing. When I think back to it, it feels unreal, and I sometimes think it must have been a dream :o When I went, there were probably 6 manta rays, and they were huuuuge. -- WallahA

For a daytime viewing, the Manta Rays often frequent the harbor just outside Kona Bay (sometimes referred to as "Ripoff Reef." I saw them there.

The Phillippines

If you have the time and money to travel, another great place to see Manta Rays is in Malapasqua, The Philippines. Unlike the Kona Hawaii experience, you'll need to be SCUBA certified, preferably with an Advanced Open Water certificate. But it is a great dive, one that you will never forget! -- William S. Howard


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Video and Photographs of the Manta Night Dive